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Yeasted Bread

By modern standards, all our bread is long fermented, it rests in linen "couches" and is allowed to prove for a minimum of two hours; some dough ferments for up to twenty-four hours. All the loaves are hand moulded and then the majority are baked directly on the oven floor and some are baked in tins.

The recipes for yeasted bread generally contain less yeast than used in modern production.

Long Fermentation Bread
Gread TContaining only a tenth of the amount of yeast that we usually use, the dough ferments for up to 24 hours.Very digestible, chewy and especially delicious. This bread is enjoyed by those with a moderate wheat sensitivity.

Long Fermentation Tin
This is the same bread as above, only it is baked in a tin, it is just as delicious.
400g or 800g
bread basket

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