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Sourdough Bread

The method of making a sour dough culture of wild yeasts using some of it, refreshing the rest and keeping it going for the next bake, then keeping some back the next time, refreshing it and so on, thus repeating the process time and time again, dates back to thousands of years and would have been universal in the bread eating world unless the bread was unleavened. Manufactured yeast was only introduced and then became widely available in the 19th century.

Our sourdough bread recipes are derived from Continental traditions. We use two sour dough cultures, one is wheat based, and the other is a rye. The cultures are made from flour and water only. Although when we started the wheat culture in 2001, we used some of our homegrown grapes to get it going. Thus the total list of ingredients for most of our sourdough bread is literally only flour, salt and water.

French Country Sourdough
This is a classic country bread. Made with a mix of flavours including wholemeal, we use a third less sourdough and gie the dough a longer time in the proof. This results in a delicious bread with great keeping quantities.
400g or 800g
Raisin awardRaisin and Walnut Sourdough
This is another wheat and wholemeal mixture with the addition of raisins and walnuts. This bread is delicious with cheese.
400g or 800g
Almost Wholemeal Sourdough
This organic sourdough loaf is made with wholemeal flour and leavened with our wheat flour sourdough. It has the goodness and nutty flavour of wholemeal flour but the mix with the white flour allows other subtle flavours to come through. It has a moist chewy crumb with superb keeping qualities.
400g or 800g
Malted 5 Seed Sourdough
The recipe uses Stoates’ Malt Star flour to which we add lots of seeds: linseed, millet, sesame, sunflower, and wheat we use a wheat sourdough culture.
400g or 800g
Rye Sourdough
Made from 100% dark rye flour and a rye sourdough culture, this bread derives from the Eastern European tradition.
400g or 800g

Olive and Rosemary Sourdough
We simply add olives & rosemary to the unbleached white flour levain and a dash of salt. The round loaves baked on the oven floor are the perfect oompliment to salads, soup, fish or cheese

Khorasan Sourdough
Kamut is an unhybridised grain which was grown by the Egyptians, it’s an ancestor of Durum wheat. Unbleached white kamut flour is slightly yellow in colour and the baked crust becomes crisp and golden, it has a wonderful flavour and is full of amino acids and minerals.
400g or 800g
Spelt Sourdough
Spelt is an ancient unhybridised form of wheat dating from Roman times .Wholemeal spelt is dense and slightly crumbly because the flour contains less gluten, it has a delicious taste and is very easy to the digest.
400g or 800g
Spelt and Rye Sourdough
We make this with spelt flour and our rye sourdough leaven, which means it is low in gluten and is free from common wheat. It is a pumpernickel style of bread with exceptional keeping qualities. The mild and nutty spelt flavours are offset by the classic tang of rye. We mix in three seeds: barley for silica to benefit bones, hair, nails and connective tissues, linseed for omega 3 oils as an anti-inflammatory and buckwheat.

Big Bread
This organic sourdough loaf weighs in at a hefty 3.5-4 kg. With it's batard shape, it is a classic rustic country bread on a grand scale. Made with a mix of flours including wholewheat, we use a third less sourdough and give the dough a longer time in proof. This results in a delicious bread with great keeping qualities. It bakes long in the oven so the rich toasted flavours in the crust are very evident. The shape is ideal for sandwiches and for making a show. Like all our bread, it freezes well.

Average weight 3.7kg

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