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Home of the Famoushedgehogbread, we make sourdough, kamut & yeasted breads the traditional way in Dorset. Starting with high quality organic ingredients, carefully hand moulding the dough and allowing it time to prove are all crucial to the process. Baked in a wood fired oven, using locally sourced wood and the expertise of our artisan bakers, the dough is slipped off the peel, onto the oven floor at just the right time and temperature to create the perfect loaf. To find out more about us and see our artisan bakers at work watch a video here.

Events and News

Bread course dates for 2015

We are really pleased to announce the dates for our bread courses in 2015. These courses are taught by Jamie Campbell who founded the bakery. Our courses are purposely designed to be small allowing the attendees to have their individual needs addressed. You will also be working in the same space as our bakers, enabling you to gain a unique insight into life at a bakery.

For further information, please visit the bread course section of our website or call the bakery on 01258 830 852.

Our bread versus Factory Made Bread

Whilst our bread doesn't just taste and look far better than factory made bread. There are also reasons why it is signicantly better nutritionally than factory produced bread. The two are quite simply different products; below are some of the processes used in factory made bread.

  • Speed is all. There is no time for fermentation of glutens and yeast
  • Roller milling the flour (as opposed to stone ground flour, which we use) uses high pressure and generates high temperatures. The 20 vitamins and minerals present in wheat are reduced by half in roller milling. As a result the government regulations insist that Vitamin B1 and B3, iron and calcium are added to the flour, which only partially replaces the goodness lost in the milling process.
  • Pulverising the wheat means it can absorb more water
  • Mixing at high speeds beats large amounts of air into the dough
  • Double the quantity of yeast is added to make it rise fast. This unfermented yeats may cause the infection Candida Albicans.
  • Hard fat is added to factory bread to give it structure
  • A range of bread "improvers" provides softness, whiteness and feeds the yeast


Long Crichel on the Radio

We were very pleased to have a little moment of fame as together with our flour supplier Michael Stoate from Cann Mills, Long Crichel Bakery featured on Radio 4.

Interviewed by Louise Champ-Hill for You and Yours, we talked about the rise of artisan baking and how we go about baking our bread. You can listen to the article on iplayer (we're about 17 minutes in) - http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b02m7fzl/you_and_yours_artisan_bread_nuisance_phone_calls_black_henna_tattoos/


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