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Home of the Famoushedgehogbakery, we make sourdough, khorasan & yeasted breads the traditional way in Dorset. Starting with high quality organic ingredients, carefully hand moulding the dough and allowing it time to prove are all crucial to the process. Baked in a wood fired oven, using locally sourced wood and the expertise of our artisan bakers, the dough is slipped off the peel, onto the oven floor at just the right time and temperature to create the perfect loaf. To find out more about us and see our artisan bakers at work watch a video here.

Events and News

Food Assemblies

You may have heard a bit about food assemblies in the news. Originating in France, the aim of the assembly is to bring together local producers & farmers with consumers. It brings together the modern side of retail with a very user-friendly website, plus all the benefits of face to face retail and a warm sense of community.

The Food Assembly's Vision is to create a better way to eat local food and connect with the people who make it.

Currently there are well over 800 Food Assemblies across Europe and 60 in the UK and rising! We supply Shaftesbury, Bournemouth & Southbourne.

Why not sign up at thefoodassembly.com and give it a try, you don't what you're missing.

Bread course dates for 2017

We are really pleased to announce the dates for our bread courses in 2017. These courses are taught by Jamie Campbell who founded the bakery. Our courses are purposely designed to be small allowing the attendees to have their individual needs addressed. You will also be working in the same space as our bakers, enabling you to gain a unique insight into life at a bakery.

We are really excited this year to be able to offer these courses in conjunction with Lisa Osman of All Hallows, at her Aga approved cookery school with rooms, Perfectly complimenting our courses, Lisa has designed a day of pastry and dessert making.

For further information, please visit the bread course section of our website or call the bakery on 01258 830 852.

Down on the Farm

Probably of more interest to our younger customers, the bakery is going to feature on CBEEBIES on Friday 20th May at 5.00pm. It shows the story of how wheat is grown, milled and then turned into bread. Importantly it shows how small our food miles are. The wheat is grown in Tarrant Launceston which is 4 miles away and then milled at Cann Mill, just outside Shaftesbury which is 20 miles away.

Enzymes in bread - modern baking's big secret

Enzymes have a number of functions in the development of dough produced on an industrial as opposed to artisan scale. They have been described by Andrew Whitley as "modern baking's big secret".

The reason being that they are classified as "processing aids" and therefore do not need to be listed as ingredients. There are at least 10 used in industrial baking processes. They achieve dough lightness and softness. They increase volume, give better crust colour, and make strong wheats more machineable. Very importantly for the big bread industry is that they increase shelf life and prolong the apparent freshness of bread. Enzymes delay crumb firming associated with ageing and breaks fat down into compounds which keep breads softer for longer periods.

Aside from the transformation of wheat in the bread making process, the actual enzymes thmeselves cause concern. They can be from animal sources such as pigs or genetically modified material. They can also be allergens.

We think these facts may be of interest to the consumer, who has no way of being able to make informed decisions about what they are eating. Rest assured, here at our bakery, we would never add enzymes.

Long Crichel on the radio

We were very pleased to have a little moment of fame as together with our flour supplier Michael Stoate from Cann Mills, Long Crichel Bakery featured on Radio 4.

Interviewed by Louise Champ-Hill for You and Yours, we talked about the rise of artisan baking and how we go about baking our bread. You can listen to the article on iplayer (we're about 17 minutes in) - http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b02m7fzl/you_and_yours_artisan_bread_nuisance_phone_calls_black_henna_tattoos/


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